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Amaizink Art and Design

Amaizink Custom Commissions (Full Costumes,Grandiose Garments,etc)

Amaizink Custom Commissions (Full Costumes,Grandiose Garments,etc)

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Hello Everyone I'm very excited to announce my clothing commission is now live!

I am taking deposits for custom painting of Clothing and Home Decor items. I will be painting YOUR clothing as a statement piece , a true head turning garment, YOU provide, this is great way to keep clothing from going into landfills and waste. Let me beautify that suit, costume, performance outfit, elegant dress, or whatever outfit  you need revamped!  I use high quality fabric paint of various colors. All finished pieces of clothing undergo a heat transfer and secondary washing to make design permanent.

Once a commission is purchased, i will be giving you a call and setting up a zoom meeting to go over design , clothing type and timeline .

I do mock up drawings and rough drafts before starting once i get an email confirmation with the go ahead your design will take roughly 2 weeks from final meeting to be made. 

Email me at to discuss

Here are few things to keep in mind:

  • Prices below is for a clothing SET (delivery/shipping included)
  • Once your clothes are painted it is irreversible makes sure you are solid in knowledge of my work and style.
  • The designs will be based off my signature style blended or encompassing your choice of illustration or theme. (Take a look at my work to make sure this is the right fit for you.
  • All Clothing must be clean or washed before I paint on them
  • Color theme will typically balance with original color of the garment
  • You must communicate clearly what theme or illustration to be included             (FYI, I don't do portraits or life-like drawings currently)
  • Once painting begins no additional changes to original designs can are able to made. additional art or accents to finished pieces will be an extra $50. per hour

Non- Negotiables:

  • Shipping needs are covered by client
  • 50% deposit up front and nonrefundable 
  • No Refunds for work performed
  • Last Minute design changes after painting starts



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