Divine Blue #1 by Angelica V. Newby

Designs with Feeling

Original artwork and pattern designs by Maiz of Amaizink Art and Design.

Dive into a world they like to call "Emotive Pattern Design". This site and products consist of paintings and illustrations that have been created from raw emotion and intention.

The magic they create with my artwork, is then digitally transformed into surface pattern designs for Fashionable clothing, Street wear, Home Decor products and Textiles.

They feel their soul's purpose is to bring this timeless and unique visual journey to your mind and heart space.

Welcome and I thank you for being here.


"Super soft and perfect pillow to have for my road trips”

Crissy K. ‘Model’

"This pillow looks so great in my room!!!”

Megan G. ‘State Worker’

OMG my new yoga pants feel so good! They look even more awesome under a blacklight, how cool!!

Quynh N. ‘Entrepreneur’

"I love the art work on my new pillow, it fits perfectly in my living room.”

Eva S.

“The design on my shorts  are so cool and unique. They fit just right and feel super comfortable.”

Sonya R. ‘Lawyer’