Artist Bio

Maize A.V.n is an Abstract illustrator and Emotive Surface Pattern™ Designer, currently residing in Washington State. Born in East Orange New Jersey and raised on the east coast, Maize has always aspired to live life as a full-time business owner and working artist. They started creating illustrations from a very young age and that desire to create art has never quit. They love bringing what they read in books, dreams, emotions or even have played in video games, to life on paper. 

Upon graduating from high school in 2007,Maize took this fiery passion in art and moved to Florida to study at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. They spent a couple of years in the Game Art and Design program to boost their illustration and creative thinking skills. Ultimately, to attain the marketing and fine art skills they needed to propel their career, they graduated with a degree in Graphic design and worked many years as a freelance designer.

With the highly unique surface designs they are focused on creating now, you will see new images moments, weeks or even years later. To all viewing this site, take the time to pour over a design or even just a glance will yield a new perspective to you. Honestly drawing these designs is a form of art therapy, cathartic and exploratory for maize and surprisingly, people who have viewed this art have had an emotional reaction and therapeutic experience.

Maize believes their art comes from an ancient place, drawing from emotion and painting from unseen influences, they believe twists and turns of their designs are special artwork and symbols channeled from their ancestors. 

"My wish is to take viewers on an uplifting, unique and healing-arts journey when they see the designs I create. My goal is to continue that positive process of the heart and mind through various applications of my designs. We create from our souls but there's always another influence that guides us."


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