Artist Bio

"Maize is an Abstract Illustrator and Emotive Surface Pattern™ Designer, based in Seattle while maintaining deep roots from to their east coast originsAs a dedicated full-time artist and entrepreneur, he began with a childhood passion for illustration, an ardor that has persisted throughout his life.

Upon graduating high school, he ventured to Florida to enroll in The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, specializing in Game Art and Design. The pursuit of refining his creative skills led to a degree in Graphic Design, laying the foundation for a successful 5 year career as a freelance designer.

His current focus on highly unique surface designs evolves over time, offering viewers new insights and perspectives. These designs, a form of art therapy for Maize, have unexpectedly provided emotional and therapeutic experiences for those who engage with them. He formed Amaizink Art in 2018 and then Amaizink LLC in 2020, a creative design home decor/clothing and textile business.

Drawing inspiration from an ancient place and tapping into unseen influences, he believes that the twists and turns of his designs are a manifestation of special artwork and symbols channeled from his ancestors. Thru this vision he was selected to for an artist residency in the northern regions of France and Paris with art work apart of a permanent collection there and went international again freelancing for a pattern design company based in London. He has also captured the attention of The House of Christian Dior that gave him the confidence to soar even higher with their design dreams.

His 20 year creative journey has been continuously focused on seeking to further enrich the artistic landscape, offering a distinct perspective that merges ancient inspiration with contemporary expression. Through his work, Maize aims to create an emotional and transformative experience for small to stadium sized audiences, fostering a deeper connection to art and the human experience."


"I aspire to take viewers on an uplifting, unique, and healing-arts journey through my designs. My goal is to extend this positive influence to the heart and mind through various applications of my art. We create from our souls, guided by influences that transcend our individuality," says Maize.

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