Commissions/ Work with me


I take a limited number of commission requests each year. Clients have commissioned my unique and fresh design style for illustrations, abstract art, packaging/label designs, intuitive art and digital pattern designs.

Contact Maize of Amaizink to discuss price! (All designs can then be produced on Fabric, custom shirt design, textiles wallpaper, and other home decor products, etc. for an additional cost.)

If you are interested in booking a commission, email me at with information about your request. For example, “I’m looking to connect for an intuitive art piece for me to wear” or “I want to commission an original Amaizink pattern design for my home” We will go from there an how we can create and connect for a stunning design.I cant wait to create something stunning and unique for you!


Licensing my designs is also available , please contact me to discuss!

*These prices are subject to change based on size,  and complexity of the subject. We’ll work through all of this during the commission process.



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