Collection: Amaizink Clothing Commissions

"Exciting News! Clothing Commissions Now Open!

I'm thrilled to announce that my clothing commission service is now live! I'm currently accepting deposits for custom-painting clothing and home decor items, turning your wardrobe into a true statement piece. By repurposing your clothing, we can create head-turning garments that also contribute to sustainability by reducing waste.

Here's how it works:

1. **You Provide the Clothing:** Whether it's a suit, costume, performance outfit, elegant dress, or any other garment, I'll transform it into a work of art using high-quality fabric paint in various colors.

2. **Custom Design Process:** Upon purchase, we'll schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss the design, clothing type, and timeline. I'll provide mock-up drawings and rough drafts for your approval.

3. **Creation Process:** Once the design is confirmed, the actual painting process takes about two weeks from our final meeting. All finished pieces undergo a heat transfer and secondary washing to ensure the design is permanent.

4. **Contact Information:** For inquiries and to get started, email me at

Important Points to Consider:

- **Delivery and Shipping:** Included (US ONLY for now).
- **Irreversible Design:** Please be sure you are familiar with my work and style as painted clothes are irreversible.
- **Signature Style:** Designs will be based on my signature style, blended with or encompassing your choice of illustration or theme.
- **Clothing Preparations:** Clothing must be clean or washed before painting, and a solid color provides the best surface for free creation.
- **Color Theme:** Typically balances with the original color of the garment.
- **Communication:** Clearly communicate your chosen theme or illustration (Note: I don't do portraits or life-like drawings currently).
- **Additional Changes:** Once painting begins, no additional changes to the original designs can be made. Any extra art or accents will incur an additional cost of $50 per hour.


- **Shipping:** Client covers shipping costs.
- **Deposit:** A nonrefundable 50% deposit is required upfront.
- **Refunds:** No refunds for work performed.
- **Last Minute Changes:** No last-minute design changes after painting starts.

Let's collaborate to turn your clothing into wearable art! Looking forward to bringing your vision to life."