Tre Burt Caught in the Rye

11/9 I almost stayed home: Feels from last night

Last night I went to this super chill and wonderful album listening party for this gem of a person named Tre was a super nice, fun and intimate night, smoking weed with old and new friends, whiskey and strong IPA's. My happiest moments are being around people who support each other's crafts, who create and show up for each other too. I even met some new creatives who happen to recognize my artwork! It's so wonderful being apart of the artist community here.


When Tre' started playing his music for everyone, I again found my self-entranced by the smooth soulful dips of his voice accompanied by raw and honest lyrics. The guitar and harmonica interweave thru the songs beautifully and on point. Even the duet made me further appreciate this supremely talented guy. Very bob Dylan-esque so if your a fan of Bob Dylan he would be a musician to watch, he’s also one of those people that, you would be happy for him to get major recognition for his work but hope he doesn’t get commodified to the mainstream. Luckily I get the vibe he will stay an independent artist and do what’s best for himself and his craft....he will definitely have the support he'll need.

can't wait to hang out again and do some creative painting, see ya around Tre

Listen to his music below, and BUY IT!





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