11:11:2018 ......The dream

11:11:2018 ......The dream

 Anyone else have crazy dreams last night :D

I had this pretty odd dream in the early mornings of 11/11/2018 , also it’s good to note I had the following crystals under my pillow: Amethyst, Carnelian, Malachite and Black Tourmaline. 

So I’m running home in some type of post apocalypse world, it’s daytime so I can see everything’s all fucked, messed up buildings , overturned cars, broken windows, burning piles of trash over grown vegetation , abandoned buildings the works! But the streets where deserted so it for sure had been years or months of this going on. It reminded me from a scene in an episode of AMC’s the Walking Dead or from this super tight game called the Last of Us .....as I was running I looked down and noticed I was suited and booted just like a character from the show, survival chic if you will....I had A blend between a feminine and masculine body frame and I was booking it thru the wreckage to get to a high rise apartment building ahead...funny enough there were no “zombies/monsters” around to stop me....it was as if they hadn’t reached the area I was in....or the where going to idk but they weren’t around but I knew I was being followed.

I must have had the idea that they were coming and they were coming fast. I got the impression that wherever I was running from I was bringing something important with me. As well as retrieve something was crucial going forward . where ever I was running too was to something or someone I needed to help/save. So I dodged and weaved and through the wreckage passing a beautiful water fountain to the only high rise building up ahead

I reached my apartment building with rifle raised , checking the lobby for monsters but all that was there mess left from people looting the area looking for supplies or dropped keepsakes as people ran desperate to escape whatever danger that was present in the building. People really peaced the hell out of there, broken glass everywhere, luggage strewn about ceiling caved in and the smell of smoke in the air. I felt used to this but I had I feeling I was just there for one purpose to retrieve and save some one in my apartment 12 or so flights up.

.....Fast forward to me busting open the door to my home and calling out for someone...The place is still put together not like the disaster zone downstairs , but a loving home just somewhat messy from evacuation packing, and honestly who’s concerned about vacuuming or doing all the dishes as the world falls apart? All of a sudden there’s a loud noise and what felt like an earthquake roll throughout the building . The apartment scene turned crazy and there were flames now creeping down the hallway of my floor. Something had gotten into the building and I had no idea what it could be. So I ran down the hall way hoping to find what I was looking for was okay and safe, I noticed a mirror and saw I was dressed in dark forest green cargo pants slim fit , black shirt and gear strapped every which across my figure. I was so bad ass looking let me tell you lol

I burst into my bedroom and a young woman finishing packing her backpack with all the necessary gear, food and medical supplies. I don’t know who she could of been or the whole time I couldn’t see her face but I knew her energy was sort of familiar but also new. I felt she was someone from my real world experience. But not anyone I could recognize, at least not anymore. But In the dream world I knew she was my partner, the love of my life, from what I could tell she had a slim frame, but toned, about 5’8” mixed and with beautiful hair, dressed similar to the more badass Lara Croft character of todays 2017 gaming franchise. I threw down my guns and I rushed over to her and we embrace deeply, I explained the truck is down in the garage and i got all we could want and need and ready to get the fuck out of here , she agreed and had a look on her face that says yes let’s get out of here let’s leave together.....I grabbed her hand and turn to leave when I noticed she didn’t budge, and tells me to hold on she has to tell me something, as I turn around we both notice our apartment our home now had smoke in it no doubt from the flames that were spreading in the hallway.

“I have to tell you something “, she started slowly bringing here hands close to her stomach, forming the symbol of uterus on her stomach....”I’m pregnant I just found out “ she said , with a look of happiness and determination. I was shocked and overwhelmed with joy and got on one knee held her hands and kissed her stomach and told her how happy I was and that we are escaping this world together. I knew this was my child even tho I was a woman but with masculine features and in this world I was also capable of impregnating women. I felt for a moment my dreams came true in this crazy world and I only needed her and the beautiful life we made together now growing inside of her. “Yes yes we are ready, ready to go” she said with a smile on her face.

We leave with our packs and supplies and run to the elevator which miraculously is still working , we turn around hand in hand and look out the window to smiling and ready to take on this world and survive with just each other and this new life growing in her belly. I felt like I was holding hand with my other half my life partner, we were completely down for each other ....slowly the elevator doors closed on our beaming faces and I knew that we made it out....


I woke up knowing we made it, we made it out of that dangerous world ready and together. handling and taking on challenges no matter the circumstance. I even had a slight smile on my face. I’m an artist so naturally My dreams are so vivid that shit was like a movie. Even tho the world was chaotic I was still happy at the end.

One many wishes I made during my 11:11 meditation is to be the perfect partner for my future partner. To have a sense of family with another person who is 100% there for me just like I was for them. I braved a terrible and treacherous environment running back to go get her from this dangerous world. She didn’t need saving but she there was at home getting ready knowing I would be back, knowing what we needed to survive knowing her other half was strong and always came back. we were both strong and seasoned by our experiences and prepared to do what ever it takes for each other and the life we have the chance to create ....

Future love future partner future wife....I can’t wait to meet you and let me be ready and in prime condition to handle the difficult challenges of this world and let us always find each other, and know that no matter what, always find the beauty of loving and creating life in a world of chaos.

Would love input on this dream! Comment below!
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