Art with a purpose

Art with a purpose

Angelica V. Newby and their soul's purpose (They, their and them refers to my pronouns)

The journey...

From feelings of anxiety, anger, love, stress, joy, inspiration, strength. Angelica V. Newby of Amaizink Art and Design channels their ancestors from the various ethnic origins in my bloodline from the lands of Cameroon, Nigeria to South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and South Sudan all the way up to the British Isle touching Ireland and Scotland then jumping back across the world to south and north east Asia. Their design style is cross-cultural and shows how deep these roots run and how naturally they came into artistic being. All of the art work you see on this site is affirming that time and struggle could never erase it from history. Angelica’s highest hope is that their designs reach your life, your world opens your heart and mind and pays homage to your ancestors. Also, why not do it with a touch of style?

The will...

To bring unique and beautiful artwork to the world. To start conversations, to bring out the curious inner child, to use art to bring people away from their screens into the present moment. What will be found  are connected experiences channeled thru love, pain, truama, loss, truth and vulnerability. To bring healing, beauty, and inspiration thru these elegant abstractions that anyone can experience thru various products of their designs.

The goal...

1. To show that this style of art is truly unique and tells a story that is imagined into existence by the viewer. It gives off an energy that sparks curiosity, wonder, creativity, inspiration and playfully stimulates the mind.

2. To bring Amaizink Art to the world in every form it can take from art installations to fashionable clothing, streetwear, novelty items and to your meditation space, to the walls of your home, to many eclectic items of your home decor. To Amaizink wallpaper, fabric and upholstery in movie sets, festivals, and everyday living spaces.

3. To give a piece of my heart to the world in the form of drawings and then for everyone it touches, they then share this visual experience to friends, loved ones, partners and chosen families.

 I am so grateful that you are here on this site...but more importantly, you are here, existing in this world.

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