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Beauty From the Darkness

Beauty From the Darkness

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Set of 3 paintings depicting I created for mental health awareness month and corresponding art show at Hacker Lab Sacramento and most recently debuted at Promenade Gallery in Seattle Wa.


This series for me symbolizes encouraging energy and spirits from what seems to be a “dark” background, the black canvas could symbolize to some, a shadow, a void sometimes the darkest parts of our mindful struggle. Almost like the effects of depression. But what can guide us thru are our ancestors, the spirit of friendship, and the way we process our emotions. The bright twists and turns of the white paint, moves thru the canvas like guides, helping us break free from that pain. Even for a moment...

This piece symbolizes hope, courage, bravery, and whatever else is needed for a person to heal. I painted this in hopes to show the most subtle ways beauty emerges from the darkness.

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