Collection: Amaizink Pocket Square Pre-Order


Introducing Amaizink's Handmade Pocket Squares - Where Artistry Meets Fashion!

Discover the essence of "Emotive Pattern Design" with our exclusive pocket squares, each featuring original artwork and pattern designs meticulously crafted by Maize of Amaizink, a black queer and trans owned brand with designs like nothing you have ever seen.

Our pocket squares are a canvas for emotions and intentions, bringing to life the magic of raw creativity. We transform these soulful artworks into digital masterpieces that adorn fashionable clothing, streetwear, home decor products, and textiles.

At Amaizink, we believe in sharing a timeless and unique visual journey with your mind and heart. With every pocket square, you'll carry a piece of our passion, purpose, and artistry.

Welcome to our world, and we thank you for being a part of it.

Commission us to create...

15inches by 10 inches


Amaizink Original Pattern Designs by Maize A. Newby