11/20...The Chateau d’ Orquevaux: Artist Residency  🇫🇷

11/20...The Chateau d’ Orquevaux: Artist Residency 🇫🇷

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In September 2019 I’ll be attending an artist residency at the Chateau d’Orquevaux in France!! What a dream come true to create and share my art with other creatives in another country!!! I was also fortunate enough to receive The Denis Diderot [A-i-R] Grant that covers some of the cost of the residency.


I’m in awe that I was selected from I'm sure a large talent pool of people from all over the world. I am grateful and so excited my first choice for a September residency was available so I’ll be creating, exploring, learning with other creatives in France in my birthday month.



So eternally grateful, no words can really express it honestly, I’m for sure starting to plan next steps as I send in my deposit, now back to my artwork day and continuing my journey til I get there! I hope the absolute best for everyone that’s applied and for everyone that sees this I hope this inspires you to keep creating, keep focused, keep applying yourself keep DOING THE WORK and keep setting positive intentions to make your dreams into reality....it’s just a matter of time ✨💫🔥😊




If you care about black queer visual artist, putting the work in for their dreams,  making the life they want to live, manifesting their dreams and sharing their talent with the world, a tough world that grows more beautiful and possible for them each day....then please share the love the support to help me reach my fundraiser goals! Please donate to my GoFundMe fundraiser!




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I was just laid off the day before I got my acceptance letter! But I felt no huge sense of worry as I know that has universe has my back and is looking out for me and wants me to be a part of this opportunity.


The universe has something wonderful in store for me I feel it I have felt it for a long time now. All the years of hard work and effort into my art career (Check out my ‘Art Exhibition’ shows my timeline of dedication.



I am a tradeswoman as my day job and it’s the slow season. As a lot of people know unemployment is never enough to cover the important expenses and me being laid off and due dates for my residency payments are near. 

I’m not the type of woman who sits on my hands either, I a have a brand new online store selling pillows with my pattern designs on them but not enough sales for self sustainment....yet. A lot of artists take a long time for recognition and monetary success and I feel like I’m right in the middle. So I decided to sell my small stock holdings and that amounts to about 1500 USD (without taxes taken out) which isn’t enough to cover both 1400 eur payment. (1600usd)


I wish to return to the art world and expand my design business in the home decor world. So I would love your support as a queer person of color and artist, as a creative and as a human being please help me get to France next year! 🇫🇷 





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